Wednesday, January 6, 2016

San Diego Bound

Sweetness Hotstuff

Sweetness and we are done with the New England winter.  Five days is enough already.  We're loading the car with enough chocolate to take us the two weeks to San Diego.  Departure is set for January 16 with stops in Pittsburgh, Nashville, Memphis, Dallas, Carlsbad, Tucson and Yuma.  Our chosen theme is music performance.  Look forward to reports on the Pittsburgh and Dallas Symphonies, Nashville's and Memphis' country venues (saloons mostly), and the Arizona Opera in Tucson. I can't wait to climb down the 75 stories into Carlsbad Cavern.  Should I never make it out, please send relief chocolate.  We will settle into an Imperial Beach condo for February and March.  Our toes can reach the surf from the condo deck where we plan to toast the sunset each evening glorifying in the fact that it doesn't set until after 6pm.  Our greater plans upon leaving San Diego are still unsettled but do include a route north through Wyoming, Montana, and South Dakota with stops in the National Parks. May the Force be with you and us.