Friday, March 18, 2016

Mo Better Mole*

Pollo Mole at Cantina Mayahuel, San Diego
Yesterday's New Bedford Standard Times ran a story in their food section about San Diego.  The food section journalist was visiting here and reported on wonderful mole she had in University Heights.  Since we were headed into town for another Balboa Park visit, we hit Cantina Mayahuel for lunch.  We opted to try both of their moles over a chicken cutlet.  The darker sauce is smoky with chocolate undertones.  The red sauce is fiery hot.  We both blended the 2 after a bit. I think homemade mole is in our future.  I told the waiter about the news article; turns out his girl friend is from Falmouth.  The outdoor patio was sunny and music filled the air. 
Cantina Mayahuel
Our third visit to Balboa park proved as lovely as the prior two.  This trip's goal was to see the Natural History Museum's show Birds as Art: The Avian Photography of Arthur Morris.  The show was perfectly place in the 3rd floor gallery with glass ceiling.  Please take a look at Morris' vibrant, textured photographs.  
Balboa Park, Natural History Museum, Arthur Morris Birds as Art
Before leaving the park, we took time to stroll through and around the Botanical Building with its lagoon and lilly pond.  As always, the koi delighted me.  I must mention also that there are always buskers and other street performers filling the air with music and laughter.  At the lagoon a gentleman was masterfully playing a classical guitar piece.  
Botanical Building, Balboa Park
Over-shadowing the Koi, Balboa Park Botanical Building Lilly Pond

*La Cumbia Del Mole performed by Lila Downs