Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Ferry ‘cross the Waikari

Our Digs from the Beach and the Beach from Our Digs

We left Russell yesterday for Piahia, which is only across the Pamare Bay.  One can see Russell from here.  The advantage to staying here a few days is much easier access to sites in the Northland.  Our apartment is perched, and I mean perched upon a cliff directly up from the Bay.  We had a heart stopping experience getting here.  The GPS first lead us down a vertical road with 180 degree turns.  We got to a point where I was out of the car looking to see if the road continued.  And, it did but the next turn was impossible to make.  So, making a 12 point turn and back to the top of the road, I trekked to a nearby house, yelled from the front yard so as not to frighten the owners, and got better directions.  It turns out the GPS was taking us to the owner’s house, and that final turn was a foot path to the beach.  Memories of Sicily where the GPS took us to a staircase.

The apartment is beautifully appointed with grand views.  We could actually walk the beach to town which is around the point seen in the photo above. Town is not as quaint as Russell but has more restaurants, hotels, and shops.  It appears to be more of a vacation destination than a place with summer homes like Russell.

Today we explored the area by going to two waterfalls.  Because of all the recent rains they are full and roaring.  But once you’ve seen Niagara Falls everything else falls short (sorry).  I took a walk on the beach which as unusual to me oddly colored cliffs and boulders massed with oysters.

Tonight we had a Valentine’s dinner at Provenir.  It was pre fixe beginning at 7pm and ending at 10pm.  There were 7 courses, all elegantly presented and paired with a wine.  From oyster saviche and fried grouper to lamb and chocolate mouse, we stuffed ourselves.
Pictures at flickr.