Friday, March 23, 2018

Au Revoir Road Scholar. Bon Jour Sydney

Novotel Cairns Oasis Resort

We had the morning free in Cairns before flying to Sydney.  I spent the time sitting by the pool.  It was a most interesting pool with one end sloped and full of sand like a beach.  Temperature and toleration have been interesting in the different regions we’ve stayed.  The sun was always very hot, but in the shade the winds were pleasant and you feel comfortable, even in the Northern Territory. It is Fall here, and that may account for the moderate winds. At the pool, I was in the shade under a canopy and very happy with the 80+ temps.

Our tour is coming to an end.  We all flew to Sydney this afternoon and had a last dinner together.  We were all at a long table toasting Heather and she us.  There are people with whom we would remain friends except for the great distances we live apart.  They will all fly off tomorrow to resume their respective lives.  W and I will sleep late, and take an Uber into Sydney proper.