Monday, February 13, 2017

Notre Dame

Notre Dame Apse

What a perfectly beautiful day.  With only 3 days remaining in Paris, and such a bright sunny day, we decided we decided standing in line for Notre Dame was bareable.  Our Paris Museum Pass gains us entry into the crypt and the tower.  BUT we had to stand in the same line as those purchasing tickets.  My assessment of this line and the limited entry number per every 10 minutes told us it would be over an hour's wait.  Once again, "Been there.  Done that. Let's just go into the Cathedral."  It was a very speedy entry into the Cathedral.  We picked up the neatest head set.  One is given a small paper map with numbered dots.  The listening device is about the size and shape of an instant thermometer.  One simple presses the tip of the device against the dot on the map.  Voila!  I never tire of sitting in a Gothic church.  The complexity of the structure could occupy my mind forever.  

Latin Quarter, Paris

We had an early afternoon and a late light dinner of crepes in the Latin Quarter.  The small, cobble stoned streets are filled with light and restaurants.  Charm, charm, charm.  Pictures at flickr.