Thursday, February 2, 2017

That Tourist Thing, The Tower

Can you see the Weimaraner?

To inaugurate our visit to Paris we chose the Eiffel Tower.  There are certain tourist activities that just can't be denied.  And there is nothing kitsch about the Eiffel Tower.  We seemed to have approached from the back yard where Parisians were walking their dogs.  The Weimaraner with the most beautiful blue eyes escorted us down the long barren open space. We were alone other than the few dog walkers, and had an unobstructed view of this amazing feat of architecture and labor. Once we were standing beneath the four pillars, I felt almost dizzy.  We elected to go full Monty and rode to the top level.  From there we could see our neighborhood with the Pantheon, Sacre Coure, Notre Dame and the Arch de Triomphe.  
View of Paris from the Eiffel Tower

I began the day with a much needed haircut. I look much better, don't you think? So Parisienne.  I believe every woman should have their hair cut when in Paris.  After, I managed to buy a baguette and two croissants for a late breakfast with Wayne.  All of this without more than merci, bon jour and s'il vous plait in my vocabulary.  Hand gestures and coins work wonders.  

We walked 8 miles today and were happy to make it home.  We picked up some jambon croissants at our local Patisserie, crawled into our coffin sized elevator for a ride to the 6th floor and collapsed happy and delighted to be in gai Paris. More pictures on flickr.