Thursday, March 9, 2017

Back in France

25 Rue Portalis, Aix en Provence

We set off for Aix this morning. And because it seems we have a particular knack, I would make note that for the second time we found ourselves seated in a coach, two alone and in the midst of a tour group. This time they are retired Swiss rail employees on their way to Barcelona. They are old (like us) and relatively well behaved.  Otherwise, I would need to give them the evil teacher eye.  There is the one requisite loud and continuous yapper and the woman on her cell phone behind me.  But there are no bells and whistles from electronics that can accompany a younger crew, or the passing and consuming of bite sized octopus that we briefly endured with a Chinese group. I write briefly because we were unknowingly in their reserved car and had to leave. This was a blessing as we found a quiet, octopus-free car. 
25 Rue Portalis, Aix

The route to Aix was filled with acres of bright pink blooming things (cherry trees???), green, green fields and the stoney low hills of southern France.  Aix was a sunny, warm 67* and as charming as we remembered.  Our last visit was in 1998 when niece Kathy lived here with her children Lola and Margaux.  Kathy, now married to Phil, lives in San Diego as does Lola. Margaux is in Marseille, and we plan to see her. Kathy has generously given us her apartment for the duration of our stay.  It is in a beautiful, old area with large fountains in small plazas, pedestrian streets, cafes and open markets. We will joyfully be here for two weeks.  

Photos at flickr.