Sunday, February 12, 2017

Another Look at the Louvre

Approaching the Pont des Beaux Arts from the Louvre

Our second run by Notre Dame (or was it the third?) failed to convince us to stand in the long line.  The misty weather also encouraged us to seek indoor activity.  We returned to the Louvre for this.  This time we focused on the Greek Antiquities and French painting.  Of the Greeks, the Venus de Milo is best known.  There are also 2 Michelangelo's slaves in this area.  But the French paintings from the Neoclassical period were the best.  From David's to Ingres to Delacroix they were massive in scale, representative of classical history and influential.  

Just a note on the museum goers I've observed.  The great majority seem not to know how to look at art or simply have no interest other than to prove they've been there, done that.  Practically everyone of them walks quickly up to a piece of art, focuses their camera, and just as quickly walks away.  They only see the work through the screen of their device.  I want to say, "you can get a much better picture online.  Meanwhile, appreciate the real thing."  
Patrick Roger Chocolate Sculpture

The left bank is noted for its chocolate shops.  Two of them are near our apartment on St. Germain.  We stopped at Patrick Roger's simply because the sculpture in the window was so delightful.  The chocolate boots at almost 3 feet are not for sale.  But we bought the two types the Condé Nast suggested (thank you very much Kathy Lima) and headed home.  

On my continued observations of Parisians, I would praise them for their love of the printed book.  There are libraries everywhere filled with patrons.  There are sidewalk booths with used and antique books, huge stores with the latest publications, little specialty shops.  On the Metro every other person is reading a paper novel.  Only once have I seen a Kindle.  Pictures of books and other things at flickr.