Thursday, February 4, 2016

I'll Even Kiss a Sunset Pig*

Sweetness Getting a Little Sun
Sweetness got her stitches out today, and she looks marvelous.  She asked that I thank everyone for their texts, emails, and phone calls inquiring about her health and offering to take care of the brute who damaged her perfection.  She spent some time sunning at Imperial Beach where dozens of surfers are catching the wave and occasional helicopters circle scouting for Mexican illegals.  

We've been here 4 days and are still exploring possibilities.  We've both joined separate gyms, a necessity to shed the 2 weeks of driving, eating, drinking, eating, drinking, driving.  
Imperial Beach, or IB as the locals call it, is not as upscale as Anna Maria or Bradenton Beach, Florida where we've spent the last 3 winters. There are fewer restaurants and shops.  It's true, one must get into one's car and drive when in California. We finally washed the Arizona dust off our car today.  People were pointing and looking disgusted.  

The sunsets are beautiful and the surf sounds are nice.  The temps are cool mornings and evenings but into the 60s and 70s mid day.  Tonight we go dine with Wayne's niece, husband and daughter near Old Towne.  

*Additional photos and movies at flickr.
*California by Joni Mitchell