Tuesday, March 7, 2017

The Golden Pass: Interlaken to Geneva

Lake Geneva at Montreux

There are special train routes throughout Switzerland that allow one to travel through the most beautiful parts of the Alps.  We took one of those routes today from Interlaken to Geneva.  For the first time we saw the snow we had expected.  The Golden Pass Train, as it is named, passed through densely forested mountains that were laden with fresh snow.  Suddenly, the slow moving train rounded a bend and Lake Geneva appeared miles beneath us with the majestic Alps rising behind.  It was one of those views one says is indescribable.  My only comparison is the feeling I had upon seeing the Grand Canyon.  The day was overcast and the train windows created glare which made for photos that look black and white with reflections.

We had to change from the Golden Pass train in Montreux to a regular train into Geneva.  We decided to take a look at the city and have lunch there.  Montreux sits directly on Lake Geneva.  And, like every other city we've visited there is an "old city".  And, as is typical of all the old cities, Montreux's was on the highest point above the lake.  We trekked up and got some great views, also a good work out.
Pictures at flickr.    Our little choo-choo train at YouTube.