Sunday, January 17, 2016

Heinz, Heinz and more Heinz

Wayne at the Heinz History Museum
I'm surprised this city has not been renamed Heinzburgh since everything else here seems carry that name.  The Senator John Heinz History Center is directly across the street from our hotel.  We scurried over there this morning dodging snow flakes.  The museum's focus is on 250 years of history in Western PA.  It is a conglomeration of sports, culture, sports, exploration, sports, settlements, sports, and more sports.  There is an entire floor dedicated to the Heinz corporation and all 57+ brands that they produced.  

This afternoon we attended the Pittsburgh Symphony at, you got it, Heinz Hall.  To get there we had to drive past Heinz Field, home to the Pittsburgh Steelers.  More on them later. We heard a disparate program of Beethoven, Philip Glass and Respighi.  Right away Sweetness was enthralled that ResPIGhi was being performed.  She even finagled some time at the conductor's stand.  

Dinner was at Lidia's, a suggestion from the gentleman seated next to me at Heinz Hall.  Lidia's was okay with a nice setting, quiet and a great waiter, but not superb, nor what one would expect from a celebrity chef.  Back at the ranch we watched the Steelers loose a game they were winning for almost 4 quarters to Denver.  We're sad about that.  Means the Patriots will have to play in Denver and not at home.  Tomorrow is a long drive to Nashville.