Monday, February 1, 2016

California Dreaming*

California Imperial County
Sun, sand dunes, snow and ocean.  We saw it all today.  At one point we were at sea level, and within moments we were 4180 feet above sea level. We began the day at 60 degrees, hit 37 and snow covered hills in the high altitude, and arrived in San Diego with 60 again.    Some 3756 miles from home, we sat down in Imperial Beach for the next 2 months. We did not have one unpleasant encounter, were amazed at the variety and beauty of the country, gasoline was cheap everywhere, BBQ was abundant, music uplifting and the sun shone on us all the way.  We ended our day with an incredible sunset that I promise is not Photoshop enhanced. 
Pacific Ocean view from Imperial Beach, CA
More Pictures at flickr.