Thursday, January 26, 2017

The Bridge, The Borough, The Bard and Bach

We began our day with a stroll across Tower Bridge, which is not far at all from our apartment.  Once over the Thames we walked the embankment where we discovered the most fabulous Borough Market.  Large and comprehensive it is sheltered by train and street overpasses.  The vendors here are only tempting one with delights for the palette.  Wonderful stalls of cheeses, breads, chocolates, meats, mouth is still watering.  We thought we would keep walking on toward Shakespeare's Globe Theater and return to purchase items later for a picnic style dinner.
Borough Market
Along the route down the Thames, we saw a charming little church and couldn't resist going inside.  Here we found a memorial to Shakespeare (the man is everywhere), and discovered this was his parish church.  We spent so much time exploring the Southwark area that the market was closed when we returned.  Dinner plans were changed, and we were lucky enough to find a great meal at Cote, a brassier along the route home. 

Following dinner, we walked to St Martins in the Field for an evening concert.  Our path took us across the Millenium Foot Bridge.  It was dark by then.  The rails of the bridge were lit a rich ultramarine blue forming perspective lines that vanished in the distance at St Paul's Cathedral. Our concert was by Trafalgar Sonifonia who performed some Bach, Vivaldi, and Handle to cap off our day.
St Martin's in the Field
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