Friday, February 24, 2017

Strasbourg, From the Ancient to the Contemporary

Wayne in the Notre Dame Museum

The Notre Dame Cathedral Museum contains 7 centuries of Strasbourg and upper Rhine art and artifacts as well as the original plans for the Cathedral.  Sculptures from the Notre Dame and other church facades have been recovered and saved here from the Restoration, the Revolution and other natural occurrences.  They have been replaced at the Cathedrals with reproductions.  It is very neat to see these sculptures up close and to discover the significance of each one.  The Museum is in a building that spans from Gothic to Renaissance periods.  In itself it is museum piece.  The room pictured above, for example, is the room where the masons worked.  

We had lunch across the Place Notre Dame at Maison Kammerzell, a medieval civic building that is now a restaurant and hotel.  The walls on every floor are covered with frescoes by Leo Schnug and date from the late 1800s.  

Maison Kammerzell

With one day remaining on our museum pass, we headed for the Museum of Modern Art.  It's a small museum with significant works from the Impressionist period through today.  My favorite room was the Gustav Dore, but I really liked the wit and humor in many of the modern pieces.  
The Barrage Vauban

The museum is south of the Grande Ill and across from the Barrage Vauban.  Thus, as we walked back to the apartment, we had a wonderful sunset to bid us bonne nuit.
Lots of art pictures at flickr.