Sunday, January 31, 2016

Yuma Arizona

Sonoran Desert
Today was quite exciting for everyone.  We had another one of those drives that just amazes one at every turn.  The road from Tucson to Yuma travels through the Sonoran Desert and is surrounded by the Gila Mountains.  (I'm pretty sure this is the border area that Donald Trump promises to build a wall on.  Well, good luck with that. Take a look at this picture and consider building a wall not just to those mountains, but 5 times that far.) The accent from flat desert into the mountains is sudden and surprising.  We have seen the brightest green irrigated farms and acres of pecan trees, 1000's of cattle ready for 5 Guys and solar fields adjacent to 1000's of RVs.  

Wayne overlooking the Colorado River from the Yuma Territorial Prison
Yuma is only about a 3 hour drive from Tucson; short for us.  We arrived early in the day and went to the Yuma Territorial Prison.  The prison opened in 1876. It seems a brutal place.  There were men and women held for things as diverse as adultery to murder.  Sweetness and I temporarily ended up in the clinker because she was mistaken for a pet, and they are not allowed.  Can you imagine how insulted she was?  Wayne had to bail us out.  But things only got worse from there.
Sweetness and Christy Await Bail
On the way out one of the inmates called Sweetness a Razorback and gave the Texas Longhorn sign. She countered with a Wooooo PIG Sooie.  Suddenly a knife was wielded, and an ear was missing.  Man oh man was there squealing and hissing.  The ear retrieved; we booked it for the pig-mergency room.  I kept telling Sweetness that all wasn't that bad.  We could make a silk purse out of the ear.  More squealing and protesting that, "no, no, you can't."  Yuma had an excellent plastic surgeon who stitched the ear back on and promised no scars would be visible.  She's now in bed with Oxycontin.
Waiting for Surgery
Post Op
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* Yuma Arizona by Ann Owens