Sunday, February 11, 2018

Omata Estate Vineyard

Wayne at Omata Estate Vineyard

It was another very rainy and cloudy day.  But we put on our galoshes and drove out to the Omata Estate Vineyard.  As we took off, the rain broke and Wayne braved the narrow, winding and very steep drive on the “wrong side of the road”. The vineyard describes themselves as a boutique vineyard.  The Omata kitchen offers a lunch and a tasting.  The wood-fired pizza we had was excellent.  The tasting consisted of 5 varietals of wines: Chardonnay, Pinot Gris, Shiraz, Port, and a rose.  I had thought the tasting included a tour, but the wine is not processed on site.  

The Duke of Marlboro Restaurant

This evening we dined at The Duke of Marlboro Hotel and Restaurant.  The facility sits on the first piece of land sold to a European, an ex convict. The hotel began in 1827 as an unlicensed grog shop.  Today the much expanded Duke has been refurbished and offers nice dining.  

Our day ended with a glimpse of the sun as it set beneath the clouds. See more photos of the vineyard and Marlboro at flickr.