Saturday, February 10, 2018

Getting to Know Russell

Russell from Flagstaff Hill Historic Reserve
The walk from our apartment to the village center is about 5 minutes.  We took that walk back to the Gables for lunch.  We had the same rather unfriendly waiter.  I thought that was just his unlikable personality until a table of young, attractive women came in.  He couldn’t smile enough, joke enough or pay enough attention to them.  Despite him it was a lovely lunch of mussels.  The biggest, fattest mussels I have ever had.
Mussels in Context
After lunch we took the Russell bus tour.  Our driver pointed out historic buildings in the village, gave us a bit of history, and then took us up to Flagstaff Hill Historic Reserve.  There are two paths, one of which leads to the famous flag pole on Flagstaff Hill. The Maori, H┼Źne Heke and his cohorts, cut the first four flagstaffs down in objection to British sovereignty which they believed was not honoring the Treaty by placing restrictions on trade and land acquisitions.  All of this resulted in the Northland wars and the sacking of Russell in 1845. Today the flagstaff stands and the New Zealand flag flies.
Sundial at Flagstaff 
The other opposite path leads up to the lower summit of the hill and sports a large sundial with a mosaic base. The views are almost a 360 degree view of the Pacific and the Bay. 
Photos of the day are at flickr.