Sunday, February 25, 2018

Auckland Redux

Tour Leader, Heather and Site Coordinator, Albert, in his Park

There is not too much to report on today.  It was a slow and lazy day.  We believe the Road Scholar leaders are easing into touring to allow the others in our group to recuperate from jet lag.  Late morning we had an orientation meeting to go over logistics and introduce ourselves.  One couple has been on 30 RS trips.  There are photographers among us. Everyone is retired and  around our age.  There are 2 single women but all others are married, white Anglo and heterosexual.  (As far as we know).  There are 24 of us plus our site coordinator, Albert, and the tour leader, Heather. Of the 10 or so people we have spent time with, they are all interesting conversationalists, very well traveled, progressive and have an open dislike of Trump.  At last night’s dinner I did get trapped with one woman who talked about her grandchildren extensively.  This morning when she introduced herself she started on the grandchildren and a majority of the group yelled, “No grandchildren!”  I like them!  

Most of the Group

This afternoon Albert took us around central Auckland.  Much of it was areas we had been in.  But he added to that by pointing out significant buildings, the architectural style and period, and the current use.  

Auckland Harbor from the Grand Mercure Dining Room

Yes, people.  That is a cargo ship sitting in Auckland Harbor.

The group in front of the Auckland Museum.