Thursday, March 2, 2017

Luzern Lucerne

Old Town Lucerne across the Reuss

After lugging boots across Europe in anticipation of Switzerland's snow we were surprised to be greeted with 51* temperatures today.  Meanwhile in Boston there was a low of -2.  As we rode the train in from Basel the low rolling hills were green and some land prepared for planting. Our hotel sits directly behind the train station and one block from the river Reuss.  Lucerne is located on the shores of Lake Lucerne and at the outflow of the river Reuss.  Two large Alp mountains frame a backdrop for the city.  In other words, gorgeous.

Our trip in was just a little over an hour which gave us plenty of time to get a feel for the city.  The old Kapellbrucke (Chapel Bridge) is the oldest covered bridge in Europe (1333).  To get to the old town, we crossed the Reuss on it admiring the series of paintings installed in the rafters which depict events from Lucerne's history.

We stopped to admire the Lion Monument, a sculpture carved out of the mountain side commemorating hundreds of Swiss Guards massacred during the French Revolution.  They were mercenaries working for Louis XVI and guarding the Tuileries Palace when an armed mob stormed.  The dying lion's expression is so mournful and the size so large (35' across) as to be very effective.


We stopped in at a restaurant on the river where a jazz duo was performing.  A nice buffet of finger food and drinks with smooth jazz in the background provided a perfect ending for the day.
Pictures at flickr. Video at YouTube