Sunday, March 11, 2018

I’ll Have Mine On The Rocks

Wayne in The Rocks with the Sydney Harbor Bridge

This morning we took a coach ride up to an area in Sydney known as The Rocks.  Beginning at the base of the Sydney Harbor Bridge, we walked along Sydney Cove which area was walled and filled by convicts and today offers sanctuary to the large cruise ships.  The bridge was built during the depression and, despite appearances, is the world’s widest long span bridge.  There is a walk way on the top most span that you may traverse.  Over and back will take 4 hours and nerves of steel.  The Rocks sits up and behind the Cove and was the area of Sydney first settled by the British.  Today it still retains many of the Colonial buildings.  On Saturday and Sunday the streets become an open market area for art, crafts, food and music.  We were fortunate to be there on a Sunday.  We had lunch in one of the oldest buildings that was once the hospital, Scarlett.  The name, however, was taken from the abode down the street where women of the evening conducted business.  

Cruising Sydney Harbor

After lunch we walked back to the Cove where we boarded a small vessel for a cruise on Sydney Harbour.  The Harbour is stunning and expansive.  I have never seen so many boats of every type vying for water and wind.  I was amazed no collisions occurred.  

Darling Harbor Pedestrian Bridge

This evening we walked from our hotel to the Darling Harbor area, which feeds into Sydney Harbor.  My eyes were huge, my mouth hung open and oohs and ahs were exclaimed.  I really cannot convey what a magnificent area Darling Harbor is.  A mixture of multiple nationalities mingled there; large new buildings soared above the wide boulevard-like pedestrian way; it’s very cosmopolitan.  The Harbor is small enough to easily see across and take in the whole of it.  Restaurants abound and a pedestrian bridge caps the delight of the area.  We walked across the bridge after dinner, in the dark, marveling at the lights, sounds and vitality of it all.  Pictures at flickr.