Monday, February 12, 2018

Hole in the Rock

Bay of Islands, New Zealand
The weather broke on our last full day in Russell to provide us the opportunity to take a beautiful tour through the islands.  The highlight was a visit to The Hole in the Rock.  The more romantic description would be the Maori name of Motu Kokako. For the Maori it is historically associated with a range of sacred activities. According to Wikipedia it is probably the most important island in the Bay in conservation terms being in near pristine condition.  But most importantly for our tour guide was motoring through that hole for which the island gains its commercial name.  Personally, I was a bit skeptical. But make it through we did.  Along the way to the Hole we were escorted by a pod of bottle nosed dolphins including a new born.  Heading back to Russell we stopped at one of the more developed islands for a less than memorable lunch.  But, it did give us the time to finally put our toes in the South Pacific.  (Now I can’t stop singing “I’m Gonna Wash That Girl Right Outta My Hair”).

Upon returning we visited with John and Janette, the owners of our rental.  They live above us in the terraced home, and have a fantastic yard and view of the harbor.  John treated us to grilled mussels (yes, those giant ones) and rose wine.  John and Janette are originally from Liverpool but live here 6 months of the year and Australia 6 months.  Sitting on their deck we saw a Kiwi.  No, not really.  That is a joke.  It was a Weka.  But Janette said she let’s other visitors believe they are seeing a Kiwi just to make them happy.  We, knew the Weka from our trip to Flagstaff Hill.
You can see long videos and pictures at flickr.