Monday, February 20, 2017

Back in France, Strasbourg

Wayne by the River Ill

Despite the rail service disruption, we had an easy transport to Strasbourg this morning.  It is only a short 1 1/2 hour ride.  Once here, we directly boarded the tram service. Quiet, clean and efficient, it is an electric system that runs street level (much like Prague).  The tram dropped us in the Grand Ill, an island in the historic center of the city formed by the splitting of the River Ill, which is a tributary of the Rhine.  It reminds me of the way Isle de Cite and Isle de St Louis are formed in Paris. After settling in to our apartment, we explored the area, of which the majority is pedestrian streets and plazas.  Hungry, we wandered until we chose a restaurant based on our usual criteria:  number of people inside, charm, menu. The la Corde a Linge's  specialty is spaetzle, which I had.  (We met 2 traveling American sisters when they inquired what I was eating.) Spaetzle looks like a fat, short noodle and is made of egg and flour.  It was very tasty.  
Our apartment is lovely and more livable with it's open floor plan than the Paris apartment.  It appears to be a new apartment constructed in a former bank building.  As usual, pics at flickr.