Monday, February 19, 2018

Island Living in Waiheke

Waiheke view from the Wine Loft
A good part of today was spent driving from Whangarei to Auckland and then taking a car ferry to Waiheke.  Waiheke is the second-largest island in the gulf with about 9000 permanent residents.  Like Wareham there are also summer homes for an additional 3500 visitors.  It is very hilly with only a few flat areas.  The narrowest point is only 2000’ wide.  The beaches are many and scenic.  

The Winemakers Loft

There was a bit of a mix up with our rental when they double booked our first day. As a result we are in another “Bach” for 2 days.  (Bach is the local term for a small rental).  We’re okay with it.  It sits high up in the middle of vineyards and sheep pastures with an overlook of Hauraki Gulf and Auckland in the distance.  We are in Waiheke for 5 days with plans to use the Hop On/Hop Off bus to visit the vineyards for which Waiheke is notable. Pictures of our day at flickr.