Friday, February 9, 2018

Good Bye Auckland/Hello Russell

Wayne in Fryeberg Square, Auckland
Thursday, our last day full day in Auckland, we returned to the harbor docks for lunch and then back to the apartment to pack.  We will be back in 2 weeks when we join with the Road Scholar tour.  They will take us to places yet visited in Auckland.
Happy on our Deck

Friday morning we checked out of The Magnificent Metropolis (I just can’t stop saying that.), picked up our rental car and hit the road in pouring rain.  It was a straight road to Opua where we took the vehicle ferry to Russell and the Bay of Islands.  Russell is not an island but to take the road there is “the long way around the barn”  as my mother would have said.  Russell is a very small village that became known as The Hell Hole of the Pacific.  When the Europeans landed here with whaling in mind, and the convicts escaped from ships headed to Australia, all hell broke out with brothels and grog sellers.  It took the Franciscans and a treaty with Britain to straighten things out.  Today it is a holiday spot where cruise ships dock and visitors from all over have summer homes. Our hosts, Jennette and John, are very nice.  The house is located up a very steep incline, but has a funicular to carry the bags. Tonight we ate at The Gables.  Built in 1847 it has continuously operated as a restaurant.  We ate outside with the gulls.  See more of them at flickr.