Monday, February 5, 2018

Home Fires

The Magnificent Metropolis from Albert Park

The majority of our day was spent watching the NE Patriots struggle for ring #6.  But, alas, as our friend Margaret said, “they were out coached”.  Where was Butler?????

But, the day had a pleasant ending when we climbed the mountain across the street to Albert Park. At the summit are formal flower gardens, a fountain and statues commemorating such conquerors as Queen Victoria.  Not a Maori was in sight. Beneath the park lie an extensive series of tunnels built in 1940 as an air raid shelter.  They were sealed even before the war ended and have never been reopened.  

There is a sushi train restaurant across the street from our building.  After mountain climbing we elected for this easy dining option.  I saw my first sushi train in Prague and thought, “no way man”.  Who knows how long that fish has been on the sushi train.  How wrong the unindoctrinated can be!  It was wonderful, and the host was the most interesting man? Woman? Manwoman?  Automaton? Pictures of the park and its magnificent trees can be seen at flickr.