Tuesday, January 19, 2016

This Little Blue Bird*

Preparing the Pig at Martin's BBQ
Whenever we cross the Mason Dixon Line, a search ensues for local barbecue.  Nashville has its share of the smoke with Martin's BBQ coming in first among the aficionados.  The place has a nice jive as well as good bbq.  Good country music serenades, smoke scent fills the air and the staff is typical southern charm and friendliness.  Becks, the bartender loved Sweetness.
Sweetness Charms Becks
As we were leaving two guys emerged from the back hauling a whole pig (Sweetness squealed and hid her eyes) to the pit.  They used a hammer and cleaver to split the chest open.  It was gruesome. For more pics and videos visit flickr.

Nashville, the Athen's of the South, has a full scale replica of the Acropolis' Parthenon.  It is thought provoking to walk around and through the building considering how it affected the Athenians.  Inside is a full size replica of Phidias' Athena Parthenos complete with shield and snake.  The building also houses a small collection of American paintings with nice representations by Bierstadt, Gifford and Church. Sweetness prayed for Athena to protect the pigs of Nashville.
Sweetness marvels at Athena Parthenos
This evening following another meal of bbq at The Peg Leg Pig, we had a great time at The Bluebird Cafe. The Bluebird is a small 90 seat club located in a strip mall pretty far outside downtown. It is famous for acoustic music performed by song writers. Many well known performers were discovered here such as Garth Brooks and Taylor Swift.  You can read more about this fascinating place at Wikipedia.  We heard 4 writers/performers play individually in the round: Rivers Rutherford, John Driskell Hopkins, Brian Collins and Leslie Satcher.
The Bluebird Cafe
More pictures of the day can be seen at flickr.
This Little Bluebird by Christina Perry