Sunday, April 3, 2016

Navajo Nation Reservation

Navajo Nation Reservation, Grand Canyon
As we drove east out of the Grand Canyon National Park, we stopped at a few more viewing points.  We never saw a bad view, and remain awestruck.  The views became even more amazing as we traveled on.  Our destination was Provo, Utah.  To get there we had to drive east first around the Canyon and through the Navajo Nation Reservation's Western Agency.  The road hugged the edge of the Canyon to our north and offered extensive views of the desert and the eastern portion of the Grand Canyon.  

Navajo Nation Reservation Arts Sales along the Little Colorado River
We came upon a Navajo set of arts tables and stopped.  Here we found a porcelain Christmas tree ornament that was hand painted with symbols. 
Navajo Nation Reservation, The Painted Desert
 Our drive from there took us through the painted desert, by the Colorado River and into Utah.  In Utah we edged past the Grand Staircase Escalante and Bryce Canyon, beautiful areas we visited several years ago.  It was a long 8 hour day of driving.  But the sights were so lovely that we hardly noticed.  Provo is a beautiful little town that has kept its historical buildings in original shape.  What we didn't realize is that we had arrived on a Sunday, and there was nothing open in downtown.  We assumed this was a Mormon rule.  We did find a cafeteria on the edge of town.  We arrived near closing at 7pm.  When we asked for some roast beef, we were told it was put away.  HA!  Having paid full price we insisted on bringing it out.  It was not worth the argument.  Cafeterias never fail to disappoint.  
Entering Utah near Bryce Canyon
Provo, Utah
Beautiful Pictures of the Ride are at flickr