Tuesday, March 27, 2018

Art Gallery

Art Gallery of NSW

Today was dedicated just to art at the Art Gallery of NSW. My kind of a day. The Gallery is of early Greek style with a most beautiful oval lobby that has an inlaid mosaic floor.  The collection is quite lovely with significant number of Australian works illustrating places we have visited on this trip.  There is an extensive collection of British Victorian works which includes the Pre-Raphaelites, Wayne’s favorites.  He was happy to spend time with them while I sketched.  The current temporary exhibit was The Lady and the Unicorn tapestry which we saw last year in situ at the Musee de Cluny in Paris.

The Australian Monument to the Great Irish Famine

On our walk home we came upon the Hyde Park Barracks, where male convicts and female migrants were housed in the 1800’s.  We will need to return here.  We’ve been reading and listening to books about the settlement of Australia by the British.  This will be living history.  Pictures of my favorite art/artists at flickr.