Monday, April 4, 2016

Magic Pants, Salty Water and BBQ

Book of Mormon

Provo, Utah

Yesterday we drove north to Provo past sites visited on our last cross country.  A second look at these fabulous places was still as awe inspiring as the first look. The Wasatach Mountain Range escorted us into Provo which sits surrounded by snow capped Unita Mountains.  The architecture is lovely and there is a beautiful tabernacle in the center.  We strolled around the small downtown area, past the tabernacle and considered where to eat dinner.  Place after place was closed.  We soon realized that it was Sunday and probably a city ordinance to be closed.  We did find a cafeteria on the outskirts of town and barely got served at 7pm before closing.  More photos can be see at flickr.

Today we continued on to Salt Lake for 2 days.  As we had seen The Book Of Mormon in San Diego, we felt well prepared.  However, we did not see one man dressed in black pants, white shirt, black tie.  We spent the first half of the day downtown where we toured Temple Square.  It is very impressive!  The grounds are beautiful and immaculate.  The trees and bulb flowers are blooming.  One cannot enter the Temple but can enter other buildings on the grounds such as the Tabernacle where the famous choir performs.  Salt Lake also has a very impressive library designed by Moshe Safdie, the architect of Crystal Bridges Museum.  The library has incorporated small shops and kiosks. 
Wayne at Temple Square
Later in the day we ventured out to The Great Salt Lake.  One passes vast acres of salt flats and a smelting plant on the road to the Lake.  The area seems barren despite the surrounding mountains.  As it was early in the season, no boats or activity were to be seen.  No birds either.   
Great Salt Lake
More pictures are at flickr.