Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Oops! Back in Texas

Salt Flats, Southwest Texas

Who knew that to get to Tucson from Carlsbad one had to go through Texas. Apparently there is no direct route as the bird flies route.  We dipped down through that little part of Texas that sits under New Mexico and is home to the Guadaloupe Mountains. These mountains are the world's best presentation of a fossil reef from the permian era when the world was one super continent, the pangaea.  In laymen's terms, "wowzer".  We would drive through miles of salt flats and then suddenly be in mountains and canyon interiors.  It kept us entertained for another 7 hour day of driving.  
Guadaloupa Mountains
We are in Tucson for the next 5 days housed in a little studio cottage we found through Air B&B.  George, the owner, greeted us with chocolate deserts and coffee.  We think it will be nice here.  
There are lots of pictures at flick that seem repetitive. It was just so beautiful that I couldn't stop.