Friday, April 1, 2016

Flagstaff, AZ on Route 66*

Prescott National Forest nearing Flagstaff, AZ
As we drove out of California and into Arizona, the views became more expansive, the land flatter and more desert-like.  We passed by Joshua Tree National Park which we had visited in 2010, crossed over the Colorado River and into Arizona. I'm beginning to feel like I can see for "Miles and Miles and Miles and Miles." Flagstaff, some 6 hour drive east of Palm Desert, was our destination.  The intention was to stay here one night in order to reach the Grand Canyon early the following day.  Then, we could take an entire day to explore the south rim, stay the night and head out again early toward Utah.
Mt. Humphreys in the San Francisco Peaks, Flagstaff, AZ
Looming over Flagstaff are the San Francisco Peaks, the largest of which is Mt. Humphreys.   We are now about 7,000' elevation and can feel it.  Just a small amount of exertion can leave me breathless.  

Flagstaff has preserved the historic downtown through which runs the historic route 66.  It was here that we found the Beaver Street Brewery and dinner.  
Wayne and Sweetness enjoy a brew at the Beaver St. Brewery
Leaving the Brewery our car loudly announce it was dragging the oil pan cover.  Seems the Jiffy Lube guy left out most of the retaining screws.  Never fear.  My Renaissance Man purchased a few screws and, voila, all fixed.  We thought the earlier duck tape solution might not hold up in the Grand Tetons.  
Mechanic Wayne securing the oil pan
Route 66 preformed by The Manhattan Transfer