Saturday, February 25, 2017

A Good Day for a Long Walk

We did a lot of walking today just exploring little side streets, admiring the architecture and discovering some new areas beyond the Grand Ill.  I'm really sold on the life style here of a walking city with multiple open spaces and plenty of markets for your bread, cheese, wine and meats.  I know man does not live by bread alone, but a good baguette does make for a nice time. We started the day by stepping into St Thomas Lutheran Church which is across the plaza from our apartment.  Mozart once played the organ there.  Further along our route, we walked through the Barrage Vauban lapidarium where statues from the Palais Rohan and the Cathedral are exhibited.  We had intended to walk on top of the Barrage, but it was closed.  Saturday brought the people out.  The streets were crowded with jolly folk, at least two bands playing in the places, and the restaurants were serving on their sidewalk tables. A few pictures at flickr.