Sunday, February 14, 2016

Valentine's Day in the Gaslamp Quarter

Wayne at the Water Grill, Gaslamp District
To celebrate Valentine's Day we drove into the Gaslamp Quarter of San Diego.  It was hopping with people.  I don't know if that is typical for a Sunday or if the holiday brought more out.  It was also unseasonably warm at 80 degrees.  We were searching for a restaurant we ate in several years ago where I had the best calamari eva'.  We never found it, but did find a very nice seafood restaurant, The Water Grill.  Wayne had what he described as the best octopus he's ever eaten.  He also had a new favorite IPA, The Green Flash.It seems San Diego has become prevalent in micro breweries.  Sweetness had a Sloppy Joe.  Said it reminded her of her childhood back in Arkansas when the farmer would bring the slop around.    The Gaslamp Quarter is a quite large historical district of San Diego, 16 blocks. The area was developed in the 1860's as a "new town" closer to the bay .  It has many significant and beautiful Victorian buildings that are actively used.  

Disturbing to see as we approached the Quarter was the high number of homeless people encamped on the sidewalks with tents, carts, etc.  Disturbing not from the people but from the realization that this country is allowing homelessness to not only exist but seemingly grow unexamined and unaddressed.  I felt like we were in a 3rd world country.  

Some of the beautiful Victorian Buildings in the Gaslamp Quarter.