Tuesday, February 6, 2018

Sky Tower and Ponsonby

Auckland Harbor from Sky Tower
Weather wise, this was the best day yet.  We took advantage of sunny skies and a clear atmosphere to visit the Sky Tower.  On the ride up we were in the elevator with 3 bungee jumpers.  One was an experienced nutcase about to do his 9th jump.  The other 2 were young people.  This young girl couldn’t stop laughing at the young man who kept grasping his heart.  We followed them into the bungee area just to watch.  

The novice bungee jumper
It was Waitangi Day, which is named after Waitangi where the treaty was signed.  A guide at the Tower compared it to our July 4th. The treaty is New Zealand’s founding document, an agreement made between the British Crown and the Maori chiefs.  All the restaurants, the Tower and the streets were busy with the holiday.  And, the harbor was full of sails.  After a lunch back at The Depot of oysters on the half shell, we took an Uber over to Ponsonby,  a hip residential area known for its shopping, dining, art galleries and Ponsonby Central, a market space. Having been to the markets in Barcelona, Valencia, Dijon and Aix, this market seemed like 
Tonight we returned to the cinema to see The Darkest Hour about Churchill’s earliest days as Prime Minister during the rescue of the English from Dunkirk.  The acting was great.  It was interesting to see the scenes that were shot in places we have been.   
Scenes of the day at flickr.