Saturday, March 11, 2017


Wayne at the Four Dolphin Fountain

Aix-en-Provence (just Aix hence forth) is a fairly large city of about 150.000.  But the narrow, winding streets, the multitude of fountains in public squares and the many small cafes give the centre where we are a feeling of intimacy.  Markets, wine stores, cafes, patisseries, and every type of shopping you can image line all the narrow ways.  Other than a bit of time buying train tickets for Spain, we have been just strolling through the streets, enjoying the very dry and warm weather, shopping a bit for dinner.  We have stopped in the Cathedral St Sauveur and the Musee Granet.

The Musee Granet is named for the Proven├žal painter Francois Granet who donated a large number of works.  The most significant works are pieces by Paul Cezanne, native Aixiois.  We found ourselves drawn to and amazed by Ingres' Jupiter and Thetis.  It brought back memories of our visit to Olympus.  Monumental at 136" x 101" it mesmerized us.  

Pictures are worth much more than my words.  flickr