Friday, January 27, 2017

Hyde Park, Herrods and Portobello

We alighted the tube at Marble Arch station where we came upon The Marble Arch itself.  This arch once sat at the courtyard of Buckingham palace.  When Buckingham was enlarged (for Queen Victoria ha) the Arch was moved to the current site which is very near the former site of the Tyburn Gallows.  Today the Arch is often the place of demonstrations.

We walked through the beautiful Hyde Park to Harrods where we had a lovely lunch while serenaded by piano.  The vastness of Harrods is discombobulating.  All I wanted was a stocking cap.  All I could find was designer boutiques with the rare fur hat.  I was also swamped by over made, over dressed, over self involved women.  Time to hit the streets for Notting Hill where the everyday people shop.

Notting Hill is home to the Portobello Market.  This market is truly a plein aire market with numbered stalls on the street.  We arrived late in the day; most vendors were packing up.  There was a festival area with music.  But, we were tired, picked up some cheese and sausage in a local market and headed home.

More pics at flickr.