Sunday, January 24, 2016

Leaving Texas*

Sweetwater, TX 
We struck out for Carlsbad, New Mexico today, some 450 miles from Dallas. The day was one of simply marveling at the land.  I thought Kansas was flat until we were in West Texas.  One of the most interesting sights along the way was around Sweetwater (Sweetness thought it was named for her) where one could see thousands of wind turbines for miles. According to Wikipedia, Sweetwater is the center of the Western Hemisphere's leading wind power generation region and West Texas has more than 4,000 MW of operational wind energy. Nolan County alone would currently rank as the eighth largest "nation" in terms of wind energy generation - with more than 1,500 MW installed. I read that 18 million dollars has been paid to landowners (farmers it seems).  The country is extremely flat, covered in cotton fields and peppered with horse head oil well pumps and refineries. I kept thinking, "it's a perfect location for a movie about desolation and desperation fed by desire". 
Somewhere in West Texas
New Mexico
One nice thing is the temperature, which was 70 today.