Saturday, January 23, 2016

If You're Ever Down in Dallas*

Wayne Bullfrog Riding at Dallas Arboretum 
I told Wayne, "It's BULLS they ride here, not bull frogs."  While our friends and relatives back east are shoveling out of the big storm, we are in Texas enjoying sun and 40 degrees.  We found a nice area, the Bristol Arts District.  It's one of those funky areas that grow up around college kids, artists and entrepreneurs.  We had, what else, bbq at Lockhart's Smoke House which was not nearly as good as Memphis' A&R.  But Sweetness was happy that we were considering beef over pork.  
Wayne and Sweetness dine at Lockhart's Smoke House.  

It was such a nice day that we opted for the Dallas Arboretum rather than the Museum.  There are 64 acres of manicured gardens on the grounds.  Fountains (and frogs) and large beautiful crepe myrtles grace the place.  There were girls of Latino decent celebrating their quinceanera, weddings and engagements being photographed. 

Tonight we attended the Dallas Symphony to hear an evening of Gershwin.  It was much like the Pops.  Sweetness was so excited when he heard us talking about going to the Meyerson Symphony Center designed by IM Pig and listening to some Porgy Pig and Bess. While she was enjoying a Pi(g)not Grigio sWine, we corrected her misunderstandings.  While disappointed she nonetheless enjoyed the performances.
Sweetness Enjoys Gershwin at the Dallas Symphony